Rough Day

Today could not have gotten over soon enough. Work was not as good as I hoped it would. I spent two hours on the phone with HP because the printer they sent us was crap and the touch pad does not work. That really messes with your day, especially when you need that thing in order to do your job, like I do. The heat didn’t really help any and was absolutely dreadful everytime I’d go outside, even for a minute.

But, with all the annoyances of my day, I know it will get better the second I come home and sit down at my computer. I’m currently working on some editing of my zombie/vampire novel. I know most people send their work off to some bigwig editor, but I’m actually pretty good at picking up errors in my work. I might not see them the first go around, but when I find them when I go back through it.

And I love going back through it. I might already know what happens before scrolling down to the next page, but I still get excited about it. I’ll never get tired of reading the same thing over again, mainly because it’s my own work. One day, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to share it with the rest of you. For now, I’ll savor the fact that it’s all mine.


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