Awhile back, like a few years ago, I had this job I wasn’t too particularly in love with. In other words, I absolutely hated going to work every night. There were plenty of times when I was on the highway headed to work and I just wanted to accidentally miss the exit and keep going. Well, that never happened. But, with this job, I’ve actually wrote a few poems while working there. On nights that were especially not fun. I’d go to the back of my department and jot down some lines to a poem on a little note pad. I’m going to share one with you today and hopefully you all like it. I titled it “Running”, mainly because I really wanted to run away from that place so it kind of suits it. Here goes…


Trying to escape my past

The things that I have done

The things that I haven’t

The people that I’ve hurt

Just to get where I am

I’ll try to escape my fears

Fears of losing everything

Fears of dying or losing control

Fears that keep me running everyday

I don’t know how far I’ll go

To escape all that I hate

To free myself of every

Bad dream and hurtful memory

I’ll just keep running

Until I can no more

Face the days of ruining myself

And the people that I love

Those people that will never know

The secrets I keep inside

The secrets that eat away

All the memories I hold dear

And yet I still keep running

From everything and everyone

Still I’ll never outrun my past

My secrets or my fears

As far as I may go

Wherever this land will take me

I’ll always and forever

Just keep running.


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