A little sneak peak…

So, I’ve noticed that I talk a lot about my novel, the one with vamps and zombies. I think I’ll take this time to explain it a little. Yes, there are zombies and yes, there are vampires. But, that’s not what it’s all about. There’s a journey taking place with a badass zombie killer whose only nineteen years old, her name is Bridget and she’s just looking for a safe place to live her life. She loses everything along this journey, her friends and her family, all lost to the monsters who inhabit the earth.

Don’t worry. It’s not all sad. She finds someone to make things better. And no he’s definitely not a vampire nor a zombie. (I do love Warm Bodies though, great book and movie.) These two continue on their journey in hopes of finding a place that’s safe. Too bad their little adventure has danger and death lurking around every corner.

The last little tidbit I want to give away about my novel, is the title. Now, I have a thing for ironic titles and those that make ya think. So, I called this one The Human Race. Not based on humans as a being, but the actual art of racing for one’s life. I didn’t have that until midway through writing this and it just dawned on me when I was in the middle of a page.

I’m still finishing up with the editing on this one and I’m looking into publishing it first on Amazon Kindle Direct then go to print through Createspace.com. I’ve heard great reviews on both of those sites.

Hopefully a bunch of you find my little idea interesting and look forward to reading it in the near future!


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