A Grandma’s Opinion

So, my grandmother just finished reading the rough copy of my novel, The Human Race. Now, my grandma is like 83 years old and told me after the first few paragraphs that my book was gruesome. I thought it was really odd that she wanted to read it, considering the nature of my book. But, she still wanted to keep reading it and finish it completely. I spoke with my mom about it today and my grandma told her that, despite the zombie and vampire carnage, she really loved the story going on inside it. She loved my main character and the cockiness that comes along with her.

I know this is an opinion coming from my grandma, but every opinion counts in my  mind. My mom plans to read this next and I know she likes the weird stuff my minds comes up with almost as much as I do. Can’t wait to get opinions from complete strangers about this one. I’m really excited about it and self publishing it. Still working on the editing part, but I should be done here soon. You just can’t rush something like this.


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