Dreamable Inspiration

What inspires us to do the things we do? As a writer, I get inspired by a number of things. Going on my daily jog through the cemetery (it’s the quietest place to go running in this town) or even sitting at my desk at work (I get some of my best daydreaming done there). I’ve come to realize that I get inspired the most by my dreams at night. I might not remember everything that goes on in my head at night, but if I just have that one scene that sticks out, it’s enough to get a story going.

What do I do with this scene? I take the time to create a world around it. I play out my entire book in my mind and write down the important details. The names of my characters, what they look like, what I want to happen to them, the list goes on and on. I don’t outline every little detail of my book. Just the important things that I’ll need to remember later on.
This dream inspiration thing of mine is how I came up with the idea for my next book after I’m completely finished with my zombie/vampire novel. I had a crazy dream one night and only remembered this one part, but I was able to create an entire, crazy world around it. Some day soon, I’ll release the identity of this new work of mine. As for now, I’m going to let my mind continue to inspire me with what it comes up with as I dream.

Looking forward to see what it holds for me.


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