Who am I…

Who am I without my writing? A wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, all the normal things that make us human. Without writing, my life would feel empty. Like I’m missing something. Sure, I have my husband and my family that will always be with me, but I think it would always feel like I’m supposed to be doing something different. It would always feel like there’s a story I need to tell the world but it won’t find its way out. I know I could never live a life like that. Writing and storytelling is my passion and there’s little to stand in my way.

I pour hours each night into my writing and sometimes get so lost in what I’m doing, I forget that I need to be going to bed so I can get up for work on time. The clock isn’t enough to get me to stop. It’s not enough to take the writing bug out of me. As I said before, the only cure to writing, is putting the pen to paper. In my case, putting my fingers on the keyboard.

Writing is a way for me to let my mind escape on paper. To let whatever adventure I secretly want to go on, get lived by the characters I create. To be able to do the impossible, yet come out completely unharmed and even better than before. Yes, there are plenty of times I find myself wanting to live in my mind for a day or two. Any longer and I don’t think I’d survive up there.

So, who am I without my writing? I guess if I ever stop, I might have a real answer. I don’t see that happening any time soon at all. Probably never.


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