Shedding some light

The other day I started a short story series on here called “Beauty and the What?!”. I’m thinking I should shed some light on that whole thing. I recently realized that I love the story of Beauty and the Beast, I mean who doesn’t. The idea of being able to look past whatever flaw your perfect other half has in order to see the good that’s inside them. There aren’t a lot of people that do that in this day of age. People are so intuned with finding the hottest person on the planet only to realize they are a complete jerk when they get to know them. Not too many people want to take the time to see what lies beneath our skin. A lot of the old Disney movies can teach us things if we only pay attention.

So, naturally, I took the Beauty and the Beast idea and came up with my own little twist on it. A couple years ago, I actually started to write a book with this idea in mind, but the ever powerful writer’s block took over and I haven’t been able to get back to it. About a week ago, I thought of this amazing idea of taking bits and pieces of it and posting it on here. Afterall, that is what a blog is for.

I hope you like it and I’ll have the second installation coming soon.


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