Beauty and the What?!

Installment #2

The footsteps echo through the air like tiny bombs going off around her. It is the only sound she can hear while she awaits whatever fate this beast will bring her. She hasn’t even lived her life yet. There are so many things she has wanted to do and places she wanted to see. She’s not even married or on the verge of getting there.

Sally holds her breath when the last step falls on the concrete. She still hides herself by the rear end of the small sedan, but she knows that’s not good enough. If rumors are true, the monster can sense when it’s not alone. It already knows she’s close by.

She lets out her breath, quietly and slow. There hasn’t been any movement for a few seconds, but she knows the creature is still there. Getting to her hands and knees, she inches her way to the edge of the car and peers around it. She stays low, making sure it won’t see her. She looks past the tire, searching for the feet she thought were going to be there.

The ground is empty. There are no monstrous feet looming by the car and no creature trying to find her. She’s alone. A smile comes her face and she pulls herself from the ground, feeling so foolish for believing something strange was coming after her.

She walks around the car and starts her way toward her grandmother’s home once again. The street lamp up ahead is still lit and there is nothing standing in the light. She runs her fingers through her auburn hair and laughs a little at herself.

“I knew I shouldn’t have drank anything at dinner tonight,” she mutters to herself. “Paying for that right now by seeing things.”

She keeps going down the street, passing the street lamp and into the darkness once again. She tugs at the sleeves of her jacket and looks straight ahead of her. A hand clamps down on her shoulder, forcing her to turn around to face whatever creature is following her. A scream tries to escape her throat, but the stranger’s hand is quick to cover it.


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