Beauty and the What?!

Installment #4

An hour passes. Sally can’t sleep. She tosses and turns, cursing into her pillow while thinking about what she saw under that street lamp. She doesn’t want to believe that something like that could be real. Monsters like that thing under the light, only exist in fairy tales or in children’s nightmares. Not in small towns filled with wonderful people.

She sighs and stares up at the ceiling. The fan is motionless and the small nightlight plugged into the wall illuminates a portion of the room. She sits up and runs her fingers through her auburn hair. The house is quiet, other than the ticking coming from the clock coming from the other bedroom. Her feet meet the carpeted floor and she stands, letting her black yoga pants brush against her toes and drag across the floor.

She walks through the house and finds the stairs. Her finger flicks the light switch on so she can see. A dim light pops on and she makes her way to the first floor of the house. The kitchen is at the opposite end of the house and she’s thinking a nice glass of water will help her sleep. She strolls through the living room and happens to catch a glimpse of the dark world outside.

Only it’s not as dark as it should be. The light at the end of the path leading away from the house has come on. It detects motion and normally doesn’t pick up dogs or small animals. She moves to the window and pushes the flowery drapes to the side.

“Hmm,” she whispers, “nothing’s there.”

Sally stares for a moment longer, waiting for something to appear. The bushes at the end of the driveway are moving and that catches her eye. She looks away from the light for a moment only to look back and see the creature standing right next to the post.


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