A Niece’s Dream

My niece, Annah, turned 11 today. Had a nice dinner with the family, got to share some funny stories and here the latest gossip about everyone. Then Annah tells me she’s going to write a book. That she has written work for her Language class in school and the teacher, along with everyone else, loved it. It brings a smile to my face just knowing that I have someone so close to me who wants to share the same dream I have. She’s having the same experience in school as I did, because I had a similar reaction to this crazy little story I wrote for my sixth grade English class.

I hope she keeps on with the writing and doing all of her other art projects. I can’t wait to see how she, and all of my other nieces and nephews turn out when they get older. I mean, I can wait for that because I’ll be getting older as well, but I still want to see how they’ll turn out. It will be exciting.


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