Beauty and the What?!

Installment #5

Her jaw drops. Her heart races. She can feel her hands shaking as she grips the edge of the curtains at the window. Fear has taken her over and she knows she should turn away. That creature standing on her front lawn is nothing but evil. The darkness of its eyes, the tangled mess of fur covering its body. The light glimmers off its sharp claws and even sharper teeth.

Yet, Sally cannot turn away. Her mind isn’t even telling her legs to move or her body to react to this monster staring back at her. Instead, her heart calms and her breathing returns to normal. The monster moves closer to the window, she can see the raggedy shorts covering its body. They are so old and worn and caked with grime. Its fur so matted and dirty, it must have been years since this thing has been clean.

It gets up to the porch on the house and jumps over the banister in one swift movement. She jumps when it lands right outside the window. It moves its face closer to the pane and she stares into its dark eyes. Evil is not what she sees staring back at her. There is sadness in those big, brown eyes that doesn’t appear to be a monster at all. It presses a paw-like hand to the window and she hears the claws clicking against the glass.

Her eyes glance to the hand on the window. Hair sticks out between each finger and the palm looks rough and callused. She lets go of the curtain in her right hand and slowly presses it against the glass, matching up with the creature’s paw. It lets out a low growl when their eyes meet again and she shakes her head.

“I’m not afraid of you.” She says, not know if it can hear her or not.

The light at the end of the pathway goes out and the porch goes black. She’s left alone to hear the creatures heavy footsteps dash across the porch and away from the house.

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