Beauty and the What?!

Installment #6

She fell asleep next to that window with the beast on her mind. He’s so mysterious, so wild and she could see the sadness deep inside. He haunted her dreams. Every moment she saw him played over again and again while she slept. When she awoke, she felt something she’s never felt before. Something strange, a new emotion for the monster that has been scaring this town for years.

She sits on the porch of her house, staring at the street. The phone has been ringing all morning and afternoon, but she’s refusing to answer it. She knows it’s Anson calling to check on her. She doesn’t want to hear his voice or hear him explain everything evil about the monster he fears. After seeing the look in his eyes last night, she knows the evil is all made up.

Sally looks to her left, the woods are about a mile from her house. Rumors say that the creature dwells in the woods. There is supposedly some beat up old house at the end of a gravel road where the thing calls home. That house used to belong to an abusive, old man. The kind of guy who took his issues out on his family. According to the rumor, his wife left him and his teenaged son a couple years before the monster began terrorizing the town.

The wind blows through her wind chime hanging from the eave on the porch. It catches her attention and she stares at the metal pipes clanging together to play their song.

“I want to see him again.” She whispers to herself.


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