Off To Copyright

Well, I did it. I sent my book, The Human Race, off to the copyright office. I actually just finished with the whole process a few minutes ago. For those of you who may not know this, it’s really not horribly difficult to sent something to copyright office via their eCO website . That’s how you upload the application online instead of mailing it in and having it take MUCH longer than you want.

There’s a tutorial you can download to help you out along the way, which I recommend. It came in handy. Otherwise, most of it is pretty self explanatory and there’s help buttons and guides all along the way.

Also, I learned that you don’t have to wait to get the certificate to start publishing your work. You just have to wait for the confirmation email to come to you, then you can publish to your heart’s content. And, it’s not even that expensive to protect your work this way. Only $35 which, in my opinion, is worth it considering as how writing and my books are my pride and joy. I would go bonkers if someone tried to steal it from me. (I’d like to hope all of you would go a little crazy as well.)


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