Beauty and the What?!

Installment #8

Sally stares, wide eyed and open mouthed at the creature standing before her. The ringlets of hair and fur covering its body. The sharp teeth matching the claws on each of its fingers. To a normal human being, this beast would be completely menacing. To Sally, the second she sees his eyes, the monster isn’t there anymore.

She can see the good in this being through his eyes. The hardship he has gone through trying to survive in a world with people who both fear him and want him dead. Those are not the eyes of a monster. They are the eyes of a man who doesn’t want to be feared any longer.

Her feet move her closer to him. She can feel his warm breath against her skin, hear the raspy sound escaping his throat with every breath he takes. Still, she moves closer to him, bringing her hand up and placing it gently on his face. He doesn’t jump back, doesn’t try to hurt her for being so close. Instead, he calms his heart and lets her run her fingers through the matted hair on his face.

A smile crosses her lips, “You’re not a monster, are you?”

He doesn’t say a word or make a sound at all. He lifts one of his paw-like hands and runs his fingers through her hair. Something about her takes the evil and hatred out of his mind. The horrible life he spent as a child, seems like a nightmare as he stares into her eyes.

Headlights shine on the house as a car pulls onto the street. Sally quickly turns her head to see the white police car making its way slowly toward the house. Her eyes turn back to the beast and she stares deeply into his eyes.
“I want to see you again.” She says, almost pleadingly.

This time, he nods and points to the woods a few blocks down. He wants to see her again as well. He wants the calm feeling, the human feeling to overtake him again. She’s the only thing to grant him that.

“Tomorrow, I’ll find you.” Sally promises and he disappears off the porch.


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