Ahhh, winter

Well, my hometown got it’s first snowfall of the season today. Sort of snow mixed with sleet mixed with wind from hell that made it impossible to get out of my car without the door flying away from me. No, not my favorite time of year, in case you can’t tell. My favorite time being the fall, the different colors are amazing to look at. I do like seeing the cool icicles haning from trees and I like it when everything’s all frozen and has that sort of eerie appearance to it. It’s mainly just the cold and scraping off my car and shoveling that I really hate. That and a dog who likes this time of year because he gets to jump around in the snow like a maniac and have to go potty when it’s ten below outside in the middle of the night. No, this time of year is just the best. (Gotta love my sarcasm)


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