Beauty and the What?!

Sally woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and rearing to go. She ate a good breakfast and refused to answer the phone whenever Anson would call her. He’s been driving her crazy with all the calling and the constant checking in. She’ll get back to him when she’s good and ready for a conversation.

She waits until the afternoon to head for the woods where the creature showed her to go. She put on a pair of boots and a thin, black hoody to fight the chill in the air and began her walk to the woods. It’s not far from her house, a few blocks then cutting through a yard to get there. There’s a trail she remembers finding with Anson when they were kids. They would run away to the woods and have all sorts of adventures together. Now, she’s having probably the biggest adventure of her life. Looking for a monster that could potentially kill her.

The yard she is cutting through belongs to an abandoned house. The owners ran off when the beast started terrorizing the town, too afraid to be anywhere near where that thing could be living during the day. The house is now in shambles and the yard has gone to waste. Weeds go up to her knees and the hedges desperately need trimming.

The trail going into the woods has even been overrun by weeds and debris. It’s been so long since anyone has gone this way it’s not much of a trail anymore. Doesn’t stop Sally from taking that first step into the woods hoping to find something she shouldn’t be looking for.

“What are you doing, Sal?” she recognizes the voice coming from behind her and she slowly turns around.

Anson stands before her, arms folded across his chest and a stern look on his face.


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