The Human Race

Living in a world filled with zombies and vampires tends to have its perks sometimes and nineteen year old Bridget has learned how to make the best out of life due to these perks. She enjoys knowing how great she is at zombie killing and she’s far from shy on letting it show. The vampires are a different story. She has to get pretty close in order to kill them which she’s not a fan of doing.

As with every good thing, there is always something horrible lurking around the corner to make life harder. Bridget has to force herselt to get used to those hardships even as every last member of her family is ripped away from her by the monsters she loves to kill.

With a broken heart and a fully loaded 9mm gun, Bridget sticks to her father’s plan and continues heading North. Along the way, she meets a young man named Ryder and begins to realize there are still some things in the world worth living for. Love is able to find a way back into her heart and the two of them travel together in hopes of finding safety inside of a small city.
Safety is the last thing they find.


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