The Human Race has finally been published. It is in Kindle version right now. I’m pretty excited about it. Sold one book already and I’m hoping to sell a bunch more. Not in this game for the money, I just love the hell out of writing and getting the crazy things that are in my head out into the world so everyone can enjoy. I think people will enjoy my novel, The Human Race. Sure there are some scenes that are a little gross but hey, it’s a zombie/vampire book. You can’t expect them all to be cushy and warm.

It’s available right now on I still need to get it available on other sites, but I’m working on it. You can also buy it right here by following this simple link:

I truly hope all of you fans of apocalyptic type books or vampire novels and zombie novels, or just want to read a nice tale about a girl who’s just trying to make it somewhere safe with the people she cares about, find an escape in my book. Looking forward to hearing any and all comments about my work and I can’t wait to get my next novel out there.

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