Don’t Remember My Lies

Wrote this one for a novel idea I had about a year ago. My friend read what I wrote and cried through most of it. I realized it might be too depressing and I’m not ready to show it off to the world. I still like this poem I came up with for the idea. Again, might be a tad depressing but, I’ll let you decide.

Stuck here alone
Don’t want to leave.
I’d rather be alone
With no company.

Alone in this darkness
Alone with my thoughts
Alone with this knife
Cutting the clots.

The blood trickles down
My body goes numb.
I think of my life
The things that I’ve done.

The days flew so quickly,
The good and the bad.
The days which meant nothing,
The days which were sad.

The light flickers on,
And you walk inside.
I’m unable to move,
Unable to hide.

You stare at my face,
Then down at my arm.
You ask, “why this madness?”
You ask, “why this harm?”

I say, “do not worry
Do not be afraid.
Just remember my smile
As your digging my grave.”

The last thing I see,
Are the tears in your eyes.
Just remember my smile,
Don’t remember my lies.


One comment on “Don’t Remember My Lies

  1. I’ve felt this way so many times and bear the scars of it. The poem is sad, and yes, depressing as well, but it bears truth to the feelings of despair which a lot of people with depression feel. Thanks for your words.

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