The Perfect Family

You know, zombies and vampires aren’t the only story ideas I have lounging around in the ol’ noodle of mine. I’ve dabbled with suspense with a kidnapping story and also one with a stalker. The kidnapping one I’ve had finished, but it has never been quite perfect. It’s always felt like it was missing something. The other day, I think I found what it was missing and I’m planning on revisting it as soon as my zombie/vampire trilogy is completed. If you want a taste of what this kidnapping novel of mine is like, I’ll give ya one.

Everyone has that image of the perfect family. The beautiful wife, the charming husband, and the two great kids, boy and girl. What if that was all you thought about? What if you couldn’t picture life without that perfect family? And what if you knew you could never have it unless you made it happen? Well, let’s just say that’s how a certain character of mine feels and he doesn’t want to live an unperfect life anymore.



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