Beauty and the What

Installment #11

Anson keeps a tight grip on Sally’s arm. Hearing that beast this close has his heart pounding and his feet wanting to move further away. He can hear the twigs snapping as the creature bursts through the woods. Birds fly from their nests in the trees and squawk in the air overhead.

It lands on the grass in front of them. Drool drips from between its teeth as the beast snarls at Anson. It stands on all fours, growling and seething.

“C’mon,” Anson says, “we need to get out of here.”

He tries pulling Sally with him, yanks on her arm while she fights his grip, “Just let me go!” she shouts.

Anson tries again, dragging her to the street to put as much distance between them and the monster. She digs her nails into his arm, scratching at him to let her go. He forces her to spin around the second their feet hit the concrete of the street. In that very instant, the beast leaps through the air only to land inches in front of them. Its eyes fixated only on Anson and the harm he is bringing to Sally.

“Anson, please just let me go. He won’t hurt you if you do.” She begs, trying to get out of his grasp.

She fights him and claws at his hand, attempting to pry it off her. She digs her fingernails into his skin, breaking it and a small trickle of blood comes from the scratch.

“Fine, if you want to get eaten, then stay.” He glares at her.

Anson shoves her a little too hard away from him. He releases his grip on her arm and she stumbles backward away from him, tripping on the nearby curb on the street. She hits her head on the hard grass and her eyes close. The monster lets out a sharp growl as he flies through the air, connecting with Anson and tackling him to the ground. Anson’s breath is stolen from him and he can’t even scream for help. The monster leans away from him, pulling his arm back and, in one swift movement, he swings his claw down hard against Anson’s chest.


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