Another favorite show

So I just recently started to watch that show The Walking Dead. I honestly have no idea why I haven’t gotten into this until now. I’m almost finished with the first season and can’t wait to start the second then the third and finally get caught up with the fourth. It’s interesting, disgusting, and I like how they don’t call them zombies. One thing for sure, I can’t watch this while I’m eating supper because it gets pretty gruesome. But, of all the shows I watch, I’m proud to add this to my list of favorites. #1 on that list has to be Falling Skies. I don’t know what it is about that show, but I love it even though it pisses me off to the point I yell at the scream and try figuring out why they won’t listen to me.

There, got that little piece of my mind off my chest. Enjoy the rest of your day!!


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