History of Me

When I was in the sixth grade, like 14 years ago, I gave up the dream of wanting to become a veternarian. I love animals and always will, but there was something that changed my mind on the whole idea of that. I am a huge germaphobe, so I don’t think it would’ve worked out anyway. The thing that changed my mind is kinda funny. I saw the movie Sleepy Hollow and fell in love with Johnny Depp. I fell in love with him and wanted nothing more than to be an actress just so I could meet him. I was in quite a few plays and even took acting classes my parents so willingly paid for. I loved it. It was fun and exciting and I got to bring joy to people I didn’t know. Of course, I’m not an actress now and I’ll probably never meet Johnny Depp, no matter how awesome that would be.

My eighth grade English teacher sort of steered me away from the whole acting thing when she told me I had a knack for writing. I remember writing this crazy story about this group of friends who venture into the woods in search of a monster no one thought was real. I got an “A” on that paper and I haven’t stopped writing since. Many of my earlier stories and ideas for stories are a little on the weird side. I took that original story about the friends in the woods and made it into a short story in a green, three-subject notebook I carried around with me everywhere. Even in high school, I always had that notebook and when it was full, I got another one to continue. I wrote poetry, short stories about pirates and other things my mind needed to get out. Back then, it was a hobby, but I knew I’d take it somewhere and make a name for myself somehow. (I’m still working on that part.)

The more I think about how I was when I was younger and all the stories and ideas I came up with, the more I realize that part of me hasn’t changed a bit. I still love the crazy, unimaginable things that could never happen. Coming up with new adventures for my mind to escape into for a short amount of time and even after the book is over, I’m still trapped in the words I put on the paper. I love the weird things my mind comes up with which is one of the reasons I wrote The Human Race. It’s a different type of horror story with characters I fell in love with the moment I came up with them. It will take you to a world that should only be seen in movies or books and keep you on the edge of your seat the whole wild ride I take you on.

I’ll always have something unimaginable to come up with. Something my mind can’t keep to itself. Letting my dreams escape on the paper is one of the best feelings in the world in my eyes.


One comment on “History of Me

  1. O-O. You….told a chapter in my story. I did want to be a veterinarian, and then an interpreter, forensics scientist and writer. I’m still finding my way, but yeah, thank you.

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