When The Lights Go Out

The lights go out.
I cannot see
Things that lie ahead of me.

The room is dark.
I try not to fear
Every teeny, tiny noise I hear.

I try to stay quiet.
Do not make a sound
I know the monster is somewhere around.

It might be in the closet
Or under the bed.
I’m safe with the blanket pulled over my head.

I can hear it breathing.
Even its groans
Oh, those deathly, annoying tones.

The noise pierces the air.
I wish it were pretend
I wish this live nightmare would come to an end.

The monster is close now.
I feel a hand on the sheet.
The hand of the creature I’m not ready to meet.

I let out a sharp scream
I call out for help
Praying my family will hear my loud yelp.

The bedroom door opens
The light flickers on
The fear and bad feelings soon will be gone.

The monster has left.
I can let in the calm.
I lower the blanket to smile at mom.


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