Beauty and the What?!

Installment # 16

Staying was a good choice. One Sally will never regret. She spent the day in the company of a creature the whole town fears. A creature who is a monster in the eyes of others, but a hurt soul in the eyes of Sally. She has the ability to look past his flaws, past the anger he has built up in his heart and see the good that lies beneath.

They shared the day walking through the overgrown garden surrounding the house. The weeds and flowers that have taken over most of the pathway leading to the garage. Sally told him all about herself, what she wants to do with her life and how she would love to travel the world. He hangs on her every word as though it’s the last thing he hears. She tells him about her childhood, visiting her grandmother in Shadow County, having the time of her life growing up with her friends.

The beast never opened his mouth to tell her about his own life. The abuse he felt as a child, the constant screaming and shouting amongst his parents. He’d rather not relive any of the horrible moments flowing through his mind and would rather live through Sally’s eyes as she speaks. He can feel his heart growing lighter, happier as he listens to her speak.

Even after the sun goes down and she promises to stay with him throughout the night, he can find himself never wanting her to leave his side. He finds comfort in having her around. She makes him feel like a human again and doesn’t want that feel to ever go away. He watches her sleep on the very bed he has slept on for his whole life. Her pristine figure is so peaceful as she lies there.

The mirror hanging on the wall next to the dresser catches the beast’s eyes and he glances at his reflection. He sees something isn’t right with it and moves closer. His eyes that were menacing earlier in the day, appear to calm and happy. They look human almost, even with his brown fur surrounding them.


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