Just One Wish

If you only had just one great wish
Upon a star up in the sky
And have that wish become much more
To make you fly so high.

You could wish for the entire moon
And hold it in your hands.
You could use it as the base
For a giant ball of rubber bands.

Maybe wish for a flying car
And go to the world’s end
And maybe find your one true love
To whom you’ll always tend.

Why, you could wish for something grand
Like money, fortune, or fame
Or even be the last one standing
In the world’s most important game.

With this one and only wish
You could have whatever you want.
The life of a mega millionaire
Or the ending to a nightmarish haunt.

Or wish for the most fantastic thing
Something to change your life.
This one amazingly, magical wish
Without question, qualm, or strife.

Maybe you don’t need this one wish
It might be a little too much
One wish could change your whole life
But you might do without this crutch.

You could go without this one wish
Or the car in the sky above.
Maybe you found what you so long desire
That one beautiful thing called love.


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