Beauty and the What?!

Morning came and the sky let loose a storm like no other. Rain pounds on the leaky roof and the wind howls outside. The windows rattle and the house creaks. Sally wakes up to a loud clap of thunder and finds herself alone. She sits up on the bed and glances to the window. There’s a piece of plywood covering it up, but there’s still a small puddle on the floor underneath.

“Hello?” she calls out, searching for the beast.

She expected to see him when she opened her eyes and he’s not in the room with her. She puts her feet on the floor and tosses the blanket off to the side. The room is empty and she strains her ears to listen for movement from one of the other rooms. There’s a quiet shuffling sound coming from somewhere so she stands from the bed and walks out into the hallway.

She looks to the front of the house, but the shuffling sound is coming from behind her. The kitchen is back that way and she slowly moves her feet down the hall toward it. The sound is getting louder and she can hear heavy panting along with what now sounds like scratching. She pokes her head into the kitchen and her eyes are drawn to something in a pile of the floor.

“Is that hair?” she says to herself, noticing a few piles of short, brown hair on a few places of the floor.

A sharp gasp gets her to look up and she stares into the eyes of the beast. Although, he doesn’t look the same. He snout is less animal-like and his eyes are more human than before. Patches of his fur are missing all over his body and he tried to cover himself up with a small blanket.

“What’s happening to you?” Sally asks, approaching him.

He shakes his head and says, “I don’t know.” His voice sounds less raspy and more like the human he’s supposed to be.


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