Beauty and the What?!

Installment #18

He can feel his heart beating faster in his chest as he stares at her face. His body aches and his chest hurts from breathing fast due to the pain. Something inside him is changing. Something he cannot put his claw-like finger on. His fingers that don’t even look the same anymore. The claws on them are less sharp, less menacing.

He keeps his watery eyes glued to her as she stands behind him. Concern written on her face. A look he’s never gotten from anyone else he’s ever met. Normally people cast him aside and are cruel to him because of what he is. This look on her face is what he has always longed to see from the people who should have loved him his whole life.

“Are you alright?” she asks, taking a careful step closer to him.

He shrugs his heavy shoulders and says, “I don’t know what’s going on.”

“You look different today.” She says, quietly.

“I do?” he asks, not having looked in a mirror yet.

She nods, “Yeah, you don’t look as big or mean anymore. You actually look more human.” Sally takes a step over a pile of his fur on the kitchen floor.

He glances down at her feet and notices the brown stuff covering parts of the tiles. Clusters of it are everywhere. His eyes move up and down his arms, seeing bald and thinning spots in places on his skin. His white skin which shows through, something he hasn’t seen in a while.

“Are you changing?” she asks.

He looks at her face and feels his heart calm down a bit. His breathing eases as well and he wonders to himself if he really is changing. If he’s really going to be the person he was all those years ago. When he wasn’t a monster.

“I think so.” He says, feeling part of his lips break into a smile.


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