There’s an old saying that goes
If you love something set it free
What if you let that love go
And happiness is what you’ll never see?

The sunrise in the morning
It will never be the same
The colors, the textures
It’s as though it never came.

Food begins to lose all taste
The flavors have gone bland
The tastes you once enjoyed
Are nothing more than sand.

The days, they last forever
The night will never come
The more you try to fight the pain
The more sadness makes you numb.

You feel you had to let love go
To see them smile again
To see the happiness upon their face
While you are drenched by rain.

Your heart has never ached more
Nor your mind ever been so alone
You yearn for the love which you set free
Wanting the life you’ve always known

Live will return to you
In a different time and place
You will see the sun shine bright again
In the smile upon your new love’s face.

Copyright © 2014 Tahnee Justus


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