The Perfect Land

Let’s run away
We’ll find someplace new
A far away land
Where it’s only me and you

This place we’ll call home
A land filled with such beauty
Work and school won’t exist
Having fun our only duty.

We’ll do whatever we want
Eat anything we please
Dessert for every meal
With no more nasty lima beans

With not a care in the world
We’ll stay up late every night
Playing games of all sorts
And we’ll never ever fight.

In this world for only us
We’ll have all that we need
No more asking for things
No more bothering with a plead

The days will go by
Each one as good as the last
But our minds will start to wonder
About the days of our past

Our old friends and family
Great dinners with them all
The things we used to do
Before our group became small

We’ll start to miss what we had
Down to the very worst days
Every teeny tiny detail
We’ll miss in all the ways

Maybe our perfect land isn’t that
What if we’ve got it all wrong
The wonder, the greatness
I think we had that all along.

We don’t need to leave
To find someplace new
We can be happy and carefree
With more than just me and you.

Copyright © 2014 Tahnee Justus


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