Feels Like Flying

My feet hit the ground
But I feel like I’m flying
The wind blows through my hair
The clouds caress my skin
I close my eyes tight
To enhance this sensation
Really feel what it’s like
To be above the world
Like a star gleaming in the sky
Like a rainbow dancing over the land
I can look down at the world
Seeing everything so small
The world is less complex
With no cares to bother me
No problems I cannot handle
Up here amongst the clouds
Life seems much easier
There’s no enemies to face
No work to get in my way
I can go wherever I please
See things I thought I’d never see
Fly to the tops of mountains
Float gently over the seven seas
Take in all of this world’s wonder
The planet is beautiful from up here
Seeing what no one has ever seen
A beauty that is rare to find
I could live in the sky forever
See the world from this point of view
Until eternity runs dry
But my feet are glued to the ground
My body isn’t a weightless form
I cannot soar in the clouds
I cannot see rare beauties
That I’ve only dreamt about
I open my eyes
The world is still beautiful
A little more complex and loud
The beauty still remains
With my feet firmly on the ground
I’ll walk to the places I long to see.

Copyright © 2014 Tahnee Justus


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