Beauty and the What?!

Installment #20

“Does it hurt?” Sally asks as the beast scratches at his skin.

He stares at her, more like glaring, as he nods his head. Every ounce of his body hurts more than anything he’s ever felt. More than when he changed into this monster in the first place. He remembers that day like it just happened.

He got so angry and was his heart was broken into million pieces. His mother walked out on him and his father was an abusive drunk. He just couldn’t take it anymore and let the anger spill out of every pore in his body. The broken window in his bedroom is a constant reminder of how far things went that day. It took the police a few days to find his father’s body and they assumed he was gone as well.

“Hey,” Sally says, calmly as she notices the look on his face, “I’m right here so you don’t have to go through this alone. I’m not going anywhere.”

He nods and tries to smile. A sharp pain stabs him in the gut and he nearly doubles over from it. He hopes whatever is happening to him is over quickly. He’s not sure how much of this he can take.

Sally places a hand on his shoulder and he looks into her sincere eyes. He’s never met someone like her and thought he’d never feel this way toward another human being. There’s love in his heart still and it is slowly making its way back to the surface.

The sound of glass breaking interrupts his thoughts and both of them turn their heads toward the sound. It came from the old living room, one of the windows had been busted out.

“Sally, are you in there?” she recognizes that voice and her heart starts to race.


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