Let’s Meet Bridget

Allow me to introduce you to Bridget, the star of my novel The Human Race. She might live in an apocalyptic world, but she sure knows how to make the best of things. There are vampires and zombies lurking around the corners, waiting for her to mess up so they can have a nice snack. Unfortunately for them, she’s really quick on her toes when it comes to killing the zombies. That’s probably her favorite thing to do in the new world. Getting to shoot them in the head, taking her anger out on what has ruined her life in so many ways, gets to be pretty rewarding at times.

The vampires are a different story. She’s not the biggest fan when it comes to killing them, mainly because she has to get a little closer in order to get a good shot. They are really fast and smart and most of the time they can take out a human before they have the chance to react. She’d much rather keep her distance away from those things.

Despite every effort she makes trying to survive and keep those she cares about alive with her, she is forced to live with the pain of losing the people she loves. Until she is completely alone in her travels of trying to find safety and a part of her wants to let the monsters win. But she can’t do that. She’s a survivor and a badass zombie killer who’s in love with a great guy named Ryder. She’s also a nineteen year old girl who just wants one thing out of life.

She wants the human race to survive.


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