Questions: A Poem

What do you see
When you look at me
Do you see the girl
Who longs to be free?

Do you see someone
Who’d prefer not to run
But to stay in one place
And always see the sun?

What do you think of
When you think of my love
Is it everything you’d want
Would it fit you like a glove?

Do you think it’d be perfect
To have me in your life
To hold me forever
And make me your wife?

Would you cherish the moments
When we are together
And never let me go
Always fairing the weather?

Do you think that you’d miss me
If I leave for a day
Or even for a moment
Would you beg me to stay?

Would this be the love
That you’ve always craved
The kind that you dream of
The kind that will be saved?

I have one last thing to add
To my question filled mess
I ask, do you love me?
You say, over a million times yes.

Copyright© 2014 Tahnee Justus


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