Beauty and the What?!

Installment # 22

The beast walks through his house. The same as he’s done for the last ten years. The same places in the floor creak under his feet as he walks into the living room. Things just don’t feel the same. He’s never had to stand up for something he wants. Never had to do defend his property and especially never had to fight for a woman who has feelings for him. He honestly never thought he’d have that happen in this lifetime.

There is glass on the living room floor surrounding a small brick. The tattered curtains billow in and out of the newly created hole in the window. He stares at what has been done to his home. Those men out there, they are there to destroy him. They are there to take back what they think he stole from them. He can see them standing on his grass in his yard. He might be the creature who trespasses on their properties every night, but they are on his turf now. This is where he makes the rules.

“What are you going to do?” Sally’s soft voice asks from behind him.

Without turning to face her, he simply states, “Whatever I have to in order to keep what’s happening to me.”


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