Didn’t Know I Was Dead

Why won’t you answer me
When I say your name?
You simply stand there
Like we’re playing a game

I have so much to tell you
A great story you must know
You really shouldn’t ignore this
Let your listening ears show

This story I’m about to tell
Is simply one that’s true
I wish you would just look at me
And hear this right through

I’ll tell you this tale
Whether you listen or not
It began early this morning
While I was out on my trot.

I was running on my usual path
Down the street not far from here
Everything as normal as ever
Until I saw one lone deer

It ventured out into the road
Stopping in the middle of the street
The traffic didn’t scare her away
As she munched on grass at her feet

You’re not paying attention
You’re looking away
The story’s almost finished
I’ve got a little more to say

I saw a truck approaching
The driver blaring the horn
The deer didn’t move a muscle
It gave the truck a look of scorn

The driver had no other choice
Than to swerve off to the side
He chose to go up on the sidewalk
And I had nowhere to hide

The truck headed my way
And I completely froze in fear
Everything grew loud and intense
Screeching tires were all I could hear

The last I could see
Was the deer in the road
Then I rushed home to see you
And to bear you my lode

You see my story was great
About how I came out alive
Though you’re not even listening
Like you don’t care if I survive

Will you just say one thing to me
Don’t ignore me anymore
Don’t pay attention to the doorbell
I’ll go answer the door

Again you don’t listen
You just walk right on by
I told you I’d answer it
I would never lie

Who are these people
In black suits looking grim
They don’t notice me
As you show them right in

They don’t answer my questions
Or even glance my way
Wait, why are you crying?
What on earth did they say?

I listen to them again
They say I’ve hit my head
The doctors tried everything
But they say that I am dead

No, this can’t possibly be true
Their words are plain fiction
Yet still you cry in your hands
Unaware of my affliction

I don’t know what to think
As I scream your name once more
You don’t look or answer
As the guests head for the door

I think back to the deer
I remember the truck
It happened so quickly
Did I even duck?

I remember seeing a flash
And the world faded to black
The next thing I knew
I was lying flat on my back

I guess I do not recall
How I managed to get home
It just sort of happened
I didn’t even roam

Their words must be true
I must really be dead
That might very well explain
The pounding in my head.

Copyright ©2014 Tahnee Justus


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