Beauty and the What?!

Installment 23

Another window breaks from somewhere else in the house. Sally jumps and let a slight gasp escape her throat. She turns around and sees shards of glass lying on the floor in the kitchen. It’s obvious the men on the outside are trying to scare them out of the house.

She turns ahead of her again, staring at the back of the beast. He’s so calm, yet so menacing at the same time. She can see a human side surfacing in his appearance and, to her, that’s enough to get her to know he’s not evil. He’s not the monster everyone in town has told her about. The looks she sees are not enough to change the minds of the people standing outside the house. If anything, it could make them even angrier. They could wind up killing him all because they are too afraid to let him show them how human he truly is.

The window in the living room smashes out entirely, sending pieces of glass shooting through the room. She quickly covers her head and her hair with her arms. The beast stands strong, watching what these people are doing to his home.

“Come on out, Sally!” Anson’s voice fills the air one more time. “I don’t want to have to come in there shooting. You know we will!”

She knows he’s right. All the men in town talk about how they can’t wait for the day to hang the beast’s head over their mantel. She can’t let that happen. She doesn’t want to see that happen and if she doesn’t give them what they want, it just might.

She steps closer to him and places a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t attack them.”

“What?” he growls.

“I don’t want to see them hurt you. I’ll go with them and figure out a way to show them you’re not bad. I can get them to see you’re a good person at heart.” She replies. “Just let me do this and I promise things will be okay.”

He stares at her for a moment then, against his heart, he nods his head and lets her go.


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