I wish I were real
Oh, the things I could do
Like eating chocolate
Or riding a bike
I could have so much fun
And see wonderful things
I could go to the ends of the earth
If only I were real
He wouldn’t be the only one
Who could see me anymore
We could walk together
And talk about everything
We could even hold hands
I would love that more than anything
To touch him
To feel his warmth
Maybe even kiss him
But I’m not real
I cannot do any of those things
He is the only one who can see me
The world will never hear my voice
I’m stuck being this
This imaginary friend
This thing that’s forever doomed
To wander the world
Always wanting the only thing
That I can never have
I’ll always be dreaming
Always be wishing
To someday be real
To someday have
What I’ve always longed for
Becoming real is what I desire.


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