The Madman

Be still my dear
This won’t take but a minute
I promise not to hurt you
But you’ll have to stay with it.

For you see, I am a madman
I’m crazy as hell
I’ve brought you down here
So no one can hear you yell.

I know that you’re scared
And you want to know why
Believe me I’ll tell you
To you, I’ll never lie.

I am so in love with you
The kind of love that’s true
It pains me sometimes
And I just need to have you.

I can’t let you be out there
In a place so full of sadness
I can give you all you need
And not deal with all the madness.

I know you think it’s crazy
That I brought you to this place
But I just can’t let you live
Without me to see your face.

One day I know you’ll love me
You’ll feel the same as I do
And you’ll never want to go astray
Because I’ll always have you.

Copyright ©2014 Tahnee Fritz


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