I Don’t Remember

I don’t remember
A single thing
Those very words
They haunt me
Every single day
Even at night
While I lie
In bed awake
Counting the cracks
In the ceiling
Wishing I could
Recall my life
Wanting the memories
Of days before
I don’t know
What had happened
To make things
Disappear like that
It’s like the
Lights went out
In my head
And everything is
Gone to me
I can try
All I want
To find what
I have lost
The people’s faces
Are a blur
They are not
Familiar to me
I feel terrible
For not knowing
For not being
Able to recall
I’ll just stay
Away from them
Away from life
I’ll be alone
To hurt nobody
To see nobody
It is better
To go without
All those people
Whom I know
Nothing about anymore
Nothing will change
I’ll never remember
The days before
Losing it all

Copyright ©2014 Tahnee Fritz


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