Crazy For Love

Colton’s life was slowly going down hill. First, he lost his great job due to the economy. Then the love
of his life decided she didn’t love him anymore and left. His only option was to move from New York back to Iowa and back in with his parents. Things only seemed to get worse from there.

He meets a gorgeous red head named Sidney, with a determination of wanting more than just friendship. She hates seeing other women around him and has to force the jealousy not to consume her. But, she can’t take “no” for an answer and starts following him everywhere he goes in order to fulfill her needs. The love Sidney holds for Colton is the strongest feeling she’s ever had and she refuses to live without him.

Colton soon discovers the truth about Sidney and wants nothing to do with her. The following doesn’t stop, only leading Colton to be fearful of ever leaving his house. It isn’t until one, rainy night that he wanders outside to check the cause of a loud noise, when he realizes that Sidney might not be the crazy stalker he thought she was.

Crazy For Love is my suspense/drama filled novel. It is currently going through editing and I plan to have it released late April or the beginning of May.


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