We Walk

We walk
Hand in hand
Our fingers clasped
Tightly together
The sky is dark
No moon
No stars
To shine above

We walk
Through the eerie silence
Through the times
That make no sense
The days seem endless
The path lasts forever
With no end in sight
No sign of life

We walk
As our feet
Beg us to stop
As the world
Seems to end
Right before our eyes
As the night
Never fades to day

We walk
Simply to find
A sanctuary
To shield us from evil
Granting us new life
New purpose
A place of hope
To call our home

We walk
Endlessly onward
Never finding
A new home
Never knowing
What safe feels like
Always longing for
What we’ll never have

We walk
Together we’ll always be
Until all time runs out
Safety we’ve always had
Remaining side by side
In love for so long
After forever
Comes to an end

Copyright 2014 Tahnee Fritz


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