Beauty and the What?!

Installment 28

Sally stands in the corner with Anson’s arms around her waist, holding her back. She stares at the man she barely knows and watches the men back him further against the wall. She doesn’t want to see them destroy him for doing something he had no control over. The beast isn’t a part of him anymore and she can see that.

The floor boards creak with every step they take. The sounds echo through the old house, making it seem louder than it really is. Shawn stares at their angry faces, each one of them is just as hell bent about killing him as the last. He’s not ready to die. He just met the one person who calmed his angry soul long enough for him to get his life back. He’s not ready to lose that.

“Anson please tell them not to do this.” Sally begs, struggling against his grip.

“Shut up.” He seethes. “This needs to be done. It’s the only way to keep that monster from destroying the town any further.”

“He’s not a monster.” She whispers.

The creaking of the floor seems to intensify as Anson’s father takes another step closer to Shawn. He reaches out and grabs a handful of his hair. Shawn grips his wrist, trying to ease the hold on him. Anson’s father drags him away from the wall and tosses him to the floor next to the broken sofa. Shawn scrambles to get to a sitting position, hiding whatever pain he has.

“Give me your bat, Carl.” Anson’s father orders and his friend obeys.

Sally watches the man take the bat and raise it above his head. He has a smile on his face as he looms over Shawn. Anger and fear is building in her heart as she uses every ounce of it to drive her elbow against Anson’s stomach. He grunts in pain and releases his hold on her. She runs across the wooden floor and rushes in front of Shawn. The sound from the floor only gets worse as she takes that last step to stand firmly in front of him.

Dust billows around the room, coming up from the floor as one final creak screams through the house and the floor gives way.


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