The Fighting Chance

So my niece, Annah, and I were out trying to find the perfect picture for the cover of the second book to my zombie/vampire trilogy. We spent a while walking through the woods by the park in town and she enjoyed every minuted of playing Bridget, the badass zombie killer from the book. But, none of the pictures really felt like “The One” until we got out of the woods and found this bridge with grafitti on it. She’s the one that said it would be perfect for an apocalyptic type of book and since The Human Race trilogy is just that, we took this amazing photo. I still have to add the title and everything, but this is the one. I even have an idea for the cover of the third one, but that’s still a ways away.

Speaking of the sequel to The Human Race, it is undergoing some proofreading and editing right now. I expect to have it released to the world in September. I’ll have a more firm date when the time gets closer.

I’d love to give some of the story away. I have a few friends who are dying to know what happens next. I can’t give it all away. I will tell you that Bridget still kicks zombie and vampire ass, of course. But something unexpected does happen to her. Something no one ever saw coming and it may or may not lead to bigger or perhaps scarier things. I can’t say what exactly happens, that would give way too much away.



4 comments on “The Fighting Chance

  1. Is it September yet? Lol! I can’t wait, I’m ready for more zombies, vampires, and badass Bridget!

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