Sneak Peek of Crazy For Love

Twenty Two

After the uncomfortable dinner was over, Colton went straight down to his bedroom. He dug out his old TV and hooked it up to the cable. The first show to pop up on the screen was some reality show about dancing. Something he didn’t care for so he flipped through the channels for something better to watch. An old action packed comedy came across the screen, so he decided to watch it.

While staring at the small screen, he dug his cell phone out of his pocket and unlocked it. He went to his contact list and scrolled through the names. He thought about calling Amy again. To tell her how much he still missed her and how badly he wanted to be with her. The only thing stopping him was knowing she didn’t feel the same. She made it very clear to him the last time they spoke that she did not want to be with him anymore. If only there was some way to change her mind.

He closed out of that screen then set his phone on the nightstand. He had to set his alarm clock for eight the next morning so he could get ready for work. Something he wasn’t looking forward to, but was hoping it would go well and he would like it. He laid back on the bed to get comfortable while he watched the movie.

A few hours went by and he eventually fell asleep with the TV and the bedroom light still on. He woke up during the middle of the night to what he thought was his alarm clock going off. He smacked it a couple times trying to get the sound to go away and that’s when he realized it was his cell phone ringing.

He opened his eyes and sat up. He grabbed the phone and stared at the screen. Another call from the blocked number. Instantly, his heart began to race.

Hesitantly, he answered the call and held the phone to his ear, “Hello?” he said, nervously.

There was no answer, just like before. He could hear someone breathing, but it wasn’t as loud as the last time. The breathing was calmer and he was wondering if it was even the same person. Maybe there were two people harassing him in the middle of the night with strange phone calls. That would be his luck.

Colton ran his fingers through his hair, “If someone’s there, will you please answer me and tell me who the fuck this is?”

The breathing stopped and Colton listened more intently to the other end of the phone call. He waited for an answer. With the eerie silence coming through the line, he expected the caller to say something. Even if it was something simple or something that would scare the living daylights out of him, he felt he deserved an answer.

He stood from the bed and walked toward the stairs, thinking if he got his father on the phone, things could get straightened out. It was a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless.

He made it to the living room and, just before he turned down the hall, he happened to see a light flicker off outside the house. He turned toward the living room window and figured he would see someone standing outside. No one was out there, but that didn’t stop him from going to the window to see what the light had come from.

With the phone still pressed to his ear, he went to the window and peered outside. His car was parked in the driveway next to his father’s. All of the neighbors were sound asleep and their lights were off. The streetlamp was still lit on the curb outside and he stared at the car parked in the spotlight. The black windows were rolled up, making it impossible for him to see inside it. That didn’t matter because it was the same black car with the dark tinted windows. The one he’s seen in his rear view mirror the last few nights and the same one parked outside the deli when he was with Sid.

The breathing began again in his ear as he stared at the car outside, “Please will you just tell me who this is?” he begged quietly.

There was another pause on the phone, followed by a whisper, “I just had to see you again.”

The voice was so quiet, he couldn’t make out who it came from. The one thing he knew for certain, was that it came from a woman. The whisper was not deep enough to come from one of his friends or any man he knows. It definitely had to be a woman. Not that the notion was enough to calm his nerves one bit. Women can be even crazier than men sometimes.

Colton lowered the phone, still keeping his eyes glued to the car outside, “Dad!” he called through the house, “Dad, I need you!”

The driver must have heard him yelling for his father. The headlights flickered on, shining a light blue haze down the street. He heard his father’s footsteps rushing down the hallway toward the living room. The light came on and the car outside sped off down the street just as his father joined him at the window.

Colton glanced to the screen on his phone. The call had ended.

“What’s the matter, son?” his father asked, staring through the window, puzzled.

“That was them.” Colton said, calmly.

“Who?” Carl asked.

“The black car that followed me. They were outside and they called me again.” Colton replied.

His father turned to look at him, “Did they say something this time?”

Colton nodded, “It was just a whisper, but I could tell it was a woman. When I got to the window, she said she just had to see me again.”

Carl put his hand on his son’s shoulder in hopes of comforting him. He was never really good at being the sentimental fatherly type. He was better at being the overly protective, do what I say kind of dad.

“What do I do, dad? It might be a girl, but she sure has a way of making me nervous.” Colton stated.

“We’ll figure it out and we’ll find out who this woman is. For now, just try to get some sleep and worry about work tomorrow. Just turn your phone off at night from now on.” Carl stated.

Colton nodded then walked away from his father and headed back downstairs to his bedroom. Along the way, he made sure to power down his cell phone. He never had to worry about doing that before.

His mind went back to the phone call. That quiet voice still played in his head like a broken record. He’d be lucky if he got any sleep at all for the rest of the night.


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