With This Ring

She stood over the bodies, the blood dripping from the knife to stain the tan carpet of the hotel room. There were a few droplets and a hand print on the white dress she was wearing as well. She wasn’t worried about the blood stains or the bruise on her face from where he hit her. She wasn’t worried about getting caught. She stood over the bodies of the three men who ruined her life.

She was supposed to be in love with him. They were supposed to spend the rest of their lives together. He ruined that the day of their wedding. She should have known something was amiss when he set it up for the first of April. She didn’t know it was a joke until her wedding band broke and went crashing to the floor. The diamonds, which she found out were cheap rhinestones, fell from their placements and she fell to her knees in tears to gather them. It was at that moment when she knew the wedding was a sham.

She was humiliated in front of all of her friends, her family, the people she cared most about. The groom and his men thought it was a funny joke to play. A joke which she thought was sick and she wanted revenge. Being the butt end of a joke such as that was far from how she pictured her life.

The weeks went by and she plotted her come back. She followed them to the strip club, then afterwards to the hotel where they waited a private dance. She put on her wedding dress, grabbed the sharpest knife she could find, and surprised them all.

The best man went down the easiest. She got him when he opened the door, stabbing him right in the throat. He gurgled and clutched at the wound, then slowly fell to his death. The other two, shouted at her as she quietly closed the door and locked it. The groomsman tried getting her to stop, he even fought back and shoved her against the wall. But, she was quick and got him in the chest, then again in the back when he dropped to his knees.

The groom, she saved for last. He backed himself into the corner of the room, begging her not to kill him. She didn’t stop. Her feet moved effortlessly until she stood right in front of him. With the fear rising in his heart, he smacked her across the face, leaving a purple bruise behind. She didn’t cry or whimper from the pain. She simply smiled and forced a kiss from his lips. While their lips were connected, she took the knife and jammed it between his ribs. She pulled it out and stabbed him three more times until he could no longer stand.

As he lay dying on the floor at her feet, she held out the ring he had given her. She got it repaired for that very moment. She knelt down by his side and took his shaking, left hand. With the ring, she shoved it on his ring finger, then pushed the knife into his throat and watched him die.

She brought the knife up with her and stared at her work. The blood covered the floor and parts of the walls. Her expensive wedding dress was beyond ruined and torn, but getting the revenge she so craved made that day the best day of her life.


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