With Or Without Me

Well, outside of my zombies and vampires and the occasional stalker story, I do have a love story up my sleeves. It’s something I wrote a while back and is in desperate need of attention. But, as I was going through the random things on my computer, I stumbled upon this gem in the files and a smile crossed my face when I read the first chapter. Naturally, this love story isn’t the normal one you’d pick up from Harlequinn or one of those super lovey dovey types. Me being the weird person that I can sometimes be, even managed to make this a bit on the strange side.

I’ve always loved the name Liam for a man which happens to be the main character’s name in the book. He’s madly in love with his high school sweetheart but is faced with a dilemna when he gets accepted to a college halfway across the country. Unknowing of what he should do with his life, he makes a wish. A wish to see what the future would hold for him. This wish gets granted by someone of the not-so-nice type and Liam gets shown two futures. One where he stays with his girlfriend, giving up on his dream and hates life because of it. Another future where he leaves and winds up losing the love of his life and hates life yet again. He doesn’t want either future but it’s something he cannot change.

Sorry, I don’t want to give away too much.

However, this love story, which I so titled “With Or Without Me” is going to be getting some attention. I think I’ll get to work on doctoring up that one once I’m finished with “The Fighting Chance” this August. Who knows, maybe this love story of mine will be my first book published in 2015 adding to my ever growing list of my novels.


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