Escaping The Rut

There have been plenty of times when I’d find myself feeling like I’m stuck in a rut. I wake up at 6:20 every morning, get ready for work, and leave my house the same time every day to get to my job by 8. Then I’m stuck there for nine hours with a brief hour for lunch, then at five I’ll go home, eat dinner, and maybe go for a jog. My husband works second shift so my nights are a little dull without him. Then I’ll get on the computer and get some real work done. And when I’m too tired to keep writing, I hop in bed only to wake up the next morning to do it all over again. It’s always the same thing day in and day out until I find some relief at 5:00 on Friday and know I’ll have the next couple days off.

I’m like most people in the world who do the same thing over and over again without much change during the day. And, like most people who are also stuck in a rut, I could spend hours upon hours complaining about it, wishing there was something I could do about it. (Believe me, I have done this very thing. Just ask my husband.)

However, it’s on the days when I feel particularly rutty that I get on the computer, open my latest novel or story, and let my mind escape into my creations. I disappear into this other world and suddenly I don’t feel like I’m in a rut for those few, short hours. I feel like I can do anything, that I can do what the characters I’ve created can do. I can live the exciting lives that they live and run off into the sunset with my one and only someone. I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes I would like to live inside my head. Not permanently because it’s a little scary up there at times, but maybe for a day or two.

Coming up with all these crazy ideas for my books and spending a good majority of my work day daydreaming about my ideas, is what helps me escape the rut I feel like I’m in. Putting my ideas on paper and bringing my characters to life is therapeutic for me. Other people go sky diving or base jumping or something else to get their adrenaline pumping in order to escape their rut. Me, I’d rather pour myself into my next project then free-fall a thousand or more feet to what could be the end of everything. That and heights freak me out a bit.


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