The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter Seven

Sarah screamed when the first of seven large men hit the deck of their small boat. These trespassers were clad in attire they have never seen before. Their clothes were torn and stained, matching their skin. Swords were in the hands of some, small pistols in the hands of others. They hooted and hollered, speaking with an accent that was barely understandable. They ran across the deck, two disappeared down below while the rest of them surrounded the group of friends.

“Pirates.” Sam whispered as she moved closer to Darrick and held onto his hand with fear coursing through her veins.

Darrick squeezed her hand and kept his eyes on the savages before him. The tallest one of the group, with a patch over his eye and a completely bald head, stepped forward, forcing the four of them to huddle together. Weapons were aimed at their necks and faces and one of the pirates spat at Rusty’s feet. Sarah whimpered as tears fell from her eyes and held onto Rusty so tight, she thought she could feel the blood flowing through his veins.

“Look what we have here.” The tall man spoke with a very thick, English accent.

“Aye, should we kill ‘em?” a fat one without a shirt called out, raising a dagger above his head.

Darrick could feel Sam shivering against him. The fat one was closest to her and it would just take one swing and she would be done for. Darrick brought her even closer to him, hiding her behind him as best as he could to shield her from whatever blow that might come. The fat pirate laughed, black spit soaring from his rotten mouth. His teeth were nonexistent and his breath smelled worse than fowl.

“What the hell do you want?” Darrick shouted, sounding less brave than he felt.

A crash came from below deck, followed by the sounds of rummaging and stealing. The tall one with the patch moved closer to Darrick, glaring at the boy at his attempt of being a hero. Patch lifted his sword and ran his finger over the sharp edge of the blade. Sam closed her eyes and gripped both hands on Darrick’s arm.

“You ain’t from ‘round here.” The tall one spoke slowly, leaning his face closer to Darrick.

“They dressed all funny, Horse.” This voice came from a younger one, eyeballing Rusty’s outfit.

The one he called Horse, with the patch over his eye, scoped them out one by one. His eyes passed over their strange clothing and could see the fear seeping from them. A smile crossed his blackened lips and he stopped moving directly in front of Sam. She opened her eyes, forcing the terrified tears to stay hidden behind them. Horse moved his eyes up and down her body, taking in the beauty that radiated from her.

“We’ll take ‘em to the Captain. He’ll want to see dis one.” Horse said, motioning to Sam.

The pirates sheathed their swords and whatever weapons they were wielding. The fat one reached his flabby arms out, wrapping his sausage-like fingers around Rusty’s arm and pulled him away from Sarah. Another one grabbed onto her hair and tugged her toward the ship. Horse latched his hand on Sam’s wrist and yanked her away from Darrick while he was being pulled away by a dark skinned man with dreadlocks and a scar under his left eye.

“Sam!” he shouted, trying to get his voice to carry over the pirates grunting.

Horse held on tight to the struggling Sam, holding her body against his. She was breathing so fast, she couldn’t control it. Her eyes were wide open, focusing on Darrick as he was being taken to a different rope to the deck of the pirate ship. She heard him calling out for her, screaming her name, but she couldn’t get away. She couldn’t reach him no matter how hard she tried to free herself from Horse’s strong grip.


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