Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter 9

The brig was this grimy excuse for a prison with at least two inches of water soaking through their shoes. The walls were green with mossy buildup and mold covered the metal bars of the jail cells. Sarah grimaced and hung onto Rusty’s arm as though her life depended upon it. There were three other prisoners locked in a cell across from the one they were being thrown into and each of the pirates gawked at her with hungry eyes.

“Look at you, princess.” A limping man spoke as he pressed his face against the disgusting bars.

Sarah whimpered and hid behind Rusty as best as she could once they were in the cell. The door was locked and they were the only two in the cell. Rusty held onto his woman, keeping her hand tight in his own. His heart was racing with fear and his eyes were glued to the fat pirate still holding onto Darrick. There was one last cell next to theirs and the fat one was in the process of shoving Darrick inside.

“No!” Darrick screamed as he was tossed to the watery floor.

Before he could get back on his feet, the door was locked and the key dangled from the fat one’s hip. It jingled as he headed for the stairs and disappeared. Darrick rushed to the bars and started shaking the cell door furiously, hoping the lock would snap and he could get out of there. The prisoners across from him shared a hearty laugh, pointing at the strange looking man trying to bust through a steel cage.

“You never gettin’ outta here, boy.” One of the pirates in the other cell shouted through his laughter.

“Dey leave us here to die.” Another one said, spitting as the words left his mouth.

Darrick shook the door one last time, then gave up. He ran his fingers through his hair and paced around the small cell. The water splashed under his feet with every step and he punched the rotten, wood wall instantly regretting it.

“Hey,” Rusty said, moving closer to the adjacent cell where Darrick was pacing, “calm down. We’ll find a way out of here and figure out what the hell is going on.”

Darrick stared at his friend and practically shouted, “What is going on? We are lost on the damn ocean with real life pirates. I actually paid attention in history class when they were teaching this.”

Rusty nodded his head in agreement, “Yeah, so did I. This is scary shit.”

Darrick began pacing again, “What would they want with Sam? Why would they take her and throw the rest of us down here?”

“I don’t know, but you saw how their captain looked at her. It can’t be good.” Rusty replied.

“We need to get her back.” Darrick said, with a caring hint to his voice that he didn’t recognize.

He hated not knowing what she was going through and not being there for her. Though he barely knew her, he felt something for her, more than friendship. He loved how she laughed at his jokes and didn’t run away from his flirting. If something were to happen to her, something he couldn’t save her from, he wasn’t sure if he could live with himself.

“You ain’t never gonna see your girl again, boy.” The third pirate in a cell by himself spoke up from his dark corner. “The captain won’t never let her go.”

Darrick sauntered to the bars of the cage and wrapped his fingers around them, “What does he want with her?”

The pirate shrugged, “No idea, mate, but ya better forget about her. Ya’ll are good as dead anyway.”

Darrick shook his head and turned away from the pirate. He glanced over to Rusty and Sarah. She was sobbing against his shoulder while he rubbed his hands up and down her back. All of them were afraid for their lives with no idea how to get things back to normal.


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